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A remark regarding your letter grades

Dear students, As you may know, the letter grades for all your courses will be announced on January 28, 2019 universitywide. We would like to explain how we assigned your letter grades, in particular, how we determined the threshold for the passing grade DD. In order for you to understand our reasoning, we should first […]

Updated final and make-up grades

Dear students, Your updated grades are now announced on the Student Information System. If you have taken a make-up exam, then your make-up exam grade should have also been updated in the system. As it was pointed out in the previous post, please do not try to bargain for your letter grades. Best regards, MATH111 […]

Final grades announced

Dear students, Your final scores are now announced on the Student Information System. The paper review for final exam will be conducted on January 22, 2019, Tuesday in M-214 between 11:00-12:00. The average grade for the final exam is 28 out of 80 and the overall average grade is 89 out of 200 (among the students […]

[VERY IMPORTANT] The contents and the date of the make-up exam

Dear students, As you know, you have the right to take the make-up exam if you missed an exam and have an official report for the day you missed your exam, or, had a schedule conflict with another exam that you were supposed to take. The make-up exam will be held on January 21, 2019, […]

About the final exam and Midterm 4 objections

Dear students, Objections to Midterm 4 grades have been considered and your updated midterm scores are now posted on the SIS. If there is any change in your grade or your NA status, you should be able to see it right now. As you may know, our final exam will be held on January 15, […]

NA grades announced

Dear students, The NA grades are just announced on the Student Information System. If you received an NA grade, then you shall see the remark “You received an NA grade…” in the system. As it was announced in the syllabus, if you have obtained <20 points (out of 120) in the midterms, or, obtained <40 […]

Midterm evaluation survey

Dear students, As MATH111 Coordination, we are kindly asking you to fill out the survey at this link. We would like to note that, participating in this survey is completely voluntary and anonymous. The reason we are conducting this survey is that we would like to understand how changing the usual midterm scheme effected students, […]

Extra lecture and recitation.

Dear students, As you know, due to the snow holiday and the new year, all sections have missed several lecture hours. Consequently, we had to skip proofs of various important facts from Chapter 6 in class. To make-up for those, Burak Kaya will be holding an additional lecture of two hours on January 11, Friday […]

Midterm 4 Results

Dear students, Your Midterm 4 scores are now announced on the Student Information System. The paper review for Midterm 4 will be conducted according to the following schedule: Burak Kaya, January 9, Wednesday, 15:30-17:00, Gökhan Benli, January 10, Thursday, 13:00-15:00, Gülin Ercan, January 11, Friday, 13:00-15:00, The room for the paper review will be posted to […]

Second midterm contents and exam places announced

Dear students, As you may know, you shall have your second midterm on Thursday, November 15, 2018 at 17:40. The second midterm shall include all topics up to ordered pairs, which were not covered in the first midterm. (More specifically, it includes last two pages of 1.5 involving valid arguments with quantifiers, 2.1, 2.2, 2.3, […]

Sample solutions for Midterm 1

Dear students, You can reach the sample solutions for the first midterm from this link. After your exams are graded, you shall find more information here regarding common mistakes. Best regards, MATH111 Coordination.

Exam dates

There will be four midterms (each out of 30) and a final exam (out of 80) points. The exam dates are as follows: Midterm 1: October 25, Thursday, 17:40. Midterm 2: November 15, Thursday, 17:40. Midterm 3: December 6, Thursday, 17:40. Midterm 4: December 27, Thursday, 17:40. Final: TBA. Please make sure that you do […]

Please read me

Dear students, Please read the following very carefully and follow this website regularly for announcements. The course syllabus is uploaded here. Attendance is required according to the following rule: If you attend less than %70 percent of the classes and your four midterm scores add up to less than 40 points, then you shall not […]