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Important remarks about the attendance policy and section transfer

Dear students, It is MATH111 coordination’s decision that students are allowed to change their section only in the case that they have official excuses such as schedule conflicts, university sports team trainings etc. Those students who have such excuses and who wish to change their sections officially in the registration program should: send an e-mail titled […]

Exam dates

There will be three midterms (each out of 40) and a final exam (out of 80) points. The exam dates are as follows: Midterm 1: October 17, Thursday, 17:40. Midterm 2: November 15, Friday, 17:40. Midterm 3: December 12, Thursday, 17:40. Final: TBA. Please make sure that you do not have any conflicting exams and/or personal […]

Please read me

Dear students, Please read the following very carefully and follow this website regularly for announcements. The course syllabus is uploaded here. Attendance is required according to the following rule: If you attend less than %70 percent of the classes and your three midterm scores add up to less than 40 points, then you shall not […]