Midterm 4 Results

January 8, 2019

Dear students,

Your Midterm 4 scores are now announced on the Student Information System. The paper review for Midterm 4 will be conducted according to the following schedule:

  • Burak Kaya, January 9, Wednesday, 15:30-17:00,
  • Gökhan Benli, January 10, Thursday, 13:00-15:00,
  • Gülin Ercan, January 11, Friday, 13:00-15:00,

The room for the paper review will be posted to the office doors of each instructor and is held in the offices unless specified otherwise.

The averages for all four midterms are

  • 17.45 for Midterm 1,
  • 13.39 for Midterm 2,
  • 13.13 for Midterm 3,
  • 14.2 for Midterm 4.

While these averages may help you understand how well you rank among your peers, they may not be useful to estimate your letter grade. You should keep in mind that we are not planning to use a curved grading system or the official university catalog for the letter grade assignment.

Study well,

Best regards,

MATH111 Coordination.

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