Recitation before the final

January 3, 2019

Dear students,

One of our research assistants, Kübra Dölaslan, volunteered to conduct an additional recitation before the final exam. She will be conducting a recitation on January 14, Monday at 16:00 in M-13. As you may guess, attendance to this recitation is not mandatory, but suggested, especially if you have had troubles in the previous exams.

Kübra said she will be solving both some problems that she picked and the problems that you bring to class. Consequently, in order to save time, she prefers that you decide the questions that you wish to be solved ahead of the recitation hour. She also let me know that she prefers to conduct the recitation in Turkish, unless there are international students, in which case, she will also be lecturing in English.

Study well for the final exam.

Best regards,

MATH111 Coordination.

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