Announcement regarding conflicting exam schedules

November 5, 2018

Dear students,

As you may already know, our second midterm is on November 15 at 17:40. Due to the high volume of exams conducted university-wide during mid-November, it is often experienced that some of these exams overlap.

  • If you have one exam whose schedule is conflicting with ours, you are entitled to get one make-up exam.
  • If you have two or more exams whose schedule is conflicting with ours, you are entitled to get still one make-up exam. You should try to get another make-up exam for your other class.

Those students, who would like to take a make-up exam due to exam conflict should

  • send an e-mail to with title “[MATH 111 Exam Conflict]” explaining the situation. (You should include the code of the course whose exam is conflicting ours.)
  • obtain an officially signed document by the instructor of your other class whose exam is conflicting ours. (This will be needed to attend the make-up examination.)

Best regards,

MATH111 Coordination.

P.S. There was an earlier suggested solution for the conflicting exams, which was to conduct the exams earlier at 16:30 for those students who have other exams at 17:40. Unfortunately, after several discussions with our instructors, we decided not to pursue this solution and instead, agree to offer make-up.

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